Orange Blossom Parure

Royal Collection Trust

In 1839, Prince Albert sent his new fiancé a brooch featuring white porcelain orange blossom with gold leaves as a gift for their forthcoming marriage. The gift was symbolic since the orange blossom was a flower traditionally associated with betrothal and the Queen would chose to wear sprays of real orange blossom on her wedding dress and in her hair on her wedding day.

Over the next few years, Albert would add to the collection and gift his wife with a new piece of orange blossom jewellery on their wedding anniversary with the last being the headdress in 1846. The Queen would wear pieces of this collection on her anniversaries, however after Albert’s death she stopped wearing most of her jewellery. The green enamel oranges on the headpiece represent the four eldest children.

After Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, the Orange Blossom Parure was put on display in the room where Albert died at Windsor Castle.

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