Passion for Photography

Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary was born on 6 July 1868 at Marlborough House, London, and was the fourth child and second daughter of Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark.

Victoria was known as Toria to her family and was particularly close to her brother, George, who would eventually become king. Victoria spent most of her childhood at Marlborough House and at Sandringham where she was domineered by her mother. Along with her sisters, Toria was educated by private tutors but her father never valued the need for an education, possibly due to his own bad experiences as a child.

Toria was an active child who enjoyed riding, cycling and dancing, and she loved the summers she spent in Denmark. However, Toria’s real passion was for photography and her albums have been displayed in numerous exhibitions.

Toria was close to her Russian cousins, particularly the future Nicholas II of Russia who was said to have been madly in love with her in his youth. She also caught the attention of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich and Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich, however she never married and acted as a companion to her parents until they died. Toria was not short of other suitors, including Crown Prince Christian of Denmark but she rejected his proposal much to her mother’s chagrin.

After the death of her father in 1910, Toria remained with her mother who was depressed after losing her husband and became ever more reliant on her daughter due to her deafness. Toria and her sister, Maud, accompanied their mother on holiday and helped with her charitable duties until Queen Alexandra died in 1925.

Victoria moved to Iver in Buckinghamshire where she became honorary president of the horticultural society. During her later years, Victoria was plagued with poor health, suffering from neuralgia, migraines, indigestion, depression and influenza. She died on 3 December 1935 and was initially buried at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, however she was moved to the Royal Burial Ground, Frogmore, Windsor Great Park, on 8 January 1936.